A taste of things to come


A collection of 40 poems matched with the work of 40 different photographers

The poet, Jonathan Steffen, has written a collection of poems on the theme of love over the last 30 years.

We searched the globe for 18months to find photographers who wanted to take part, and who also had images that brought something to each poem.

Each poem is so different and able to stand alone, but together they become so much more.
Each poem placed with a photograph becomes something else again.
When all the poems and photographs are collected together they are a mosaic of the experiences of love.
This project was published in September 2012 as a coffee table book.
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The Merry Lives of Windsor

A black and white episodic encounter with people who live in Windsor, UK
The project will cover a year, and then be published and exhibited.
The photographs that will be included will by picked by the public vote on social networks
Tourists travel a long way to find what they expect to see


A series of photographic commentary on human pauses.

Those moments when we step off the carousel and pause, when we are not paying attention and no one is paying attention to us.

This project will be published, initailly as an ebook, in 2012 and exhibited.