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I love my Village: The Angel

by Angela Woods

I rather like Angels, especially Parking Angels who always listen to my pleas for a parking space and come up trumps.  I haven’t had much luck with Money Angels though.

Every time I buy a Euro Millions lottery ticket I have a quick word with the Money Angels.   Please, please, please I beg, just a couple or so thousand?   Even a tenner would at least show they were listening!

When I check my lottery ticket at Paco’s shop every Friday he tells me “Nada”, shrugs, and asks if I want another ticket?  I told him once that his machine didn’t like me but he just laughed and said it was the same for everyone.  Does he mean nobody wins using his machine?

Way back in the 14th Century there was an Angel in my village who did listen, and did grant an old woman her request.

It was the time of the Black Death and the village was suffering from bouts of plague along with the rest of Spain and Europe.  As if the Black Death wasn’t bad enough, in 1392 the village was also going through a severe drought and great famine.  The local people didn’t know where to turn for help and were desperate.

Now it came to pass that on the second Monday of January of that year an old grandmother by the name of Liñana was walking to the next village to visit her son.  But being old and weak from little food she did not go far before she needed to rest.

“I am so weary, old and afraid” she cried out. “Will no one help me or my village?”  She laid down her stick and no sooner had she settled her weary bones under a cherry tree than a beautiful Angel appeared to her and said:

“Abuela (grandmother) Liñana listen to me for I bring you good news.  If the villagers  will come to this place and make a solemn supplication to God, the village will be free of the plague and never suffer again from this catastrophe.”

Abuela Liñana, almost overcome with such good tidings, gathered her strength and her skirts around her and  returned to the village with the wonderful news.  But the villagers didn’t believe her.   Some of them even mocked her, and some even dared to suggest that she was hallucinating after eating too many cherries!   Even though it was January and there were no cherries to eat!

Tears welled up in her eyes and her heart was fit to break for she knew the truth of what she said.  In desperation she hurried back to the cherry tree and as luck would have it the Angel appeared before her again.

“Abuela Liñana, hold out your hand, palm up and I will give you the proof that you need to convince the doubters of your village.”

And with a quill dipped in gold the Angel wrote on Abuela Liñana’s palm what it was that the villagers must do to be saved.

This time when Abuela Liñana appeared before the Clergymen, the civic leaders and all the doubting villagers and showed them her hand they believed her, for where would an old grandmother find gold ink they asked?

And a great procession went from the village to the place of the cherry tree and a solemn supplication was made, and the plague and hunger left the village even as they spoke.

Today a little church or Hermitage of “El Ángel” stands on the site and the devotion to El Ángel has continued through the centuries.  The fiesta is celebrated every year on the second Monday of January, when the villagers walk to the Hermitage to present again their solemn supplication and thank the Angel for looking after the village for one more year.

On returning to the village, everyone meets in front of the Town Hall where the people plead with the mayor for the “Toros”, the fiesta of bull running in August. What bull running has to do with fields of plenty and plague free good health I’ve no idea but every year their wish is granted.

Maybe I need to visit the little church and ask the Angel for help with my lottery ticket?


I Love My Village is a monthly collumn from Ayora, a village in Valencia, Spain, from the desk of Angela Woods

Jack of a number of trades, but certainly not the electric drill!

I Love My Village, the Angel, Angela Woods, Artist, writer, photographer, mother and survivor

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Cecelia Grant-Peters

Such a lovely article by our Angela Woods , very informative, witty and thought provoking. This is so easy to read and well written and a good insight into the lovely and pleasant village of Ayora, making the reader want to go there, but am there in spirit with the lovely villagers and the inspiring and welcoming Angela Woods. I am looking forward to more of her musings and thoughts. I believe in Angels and Angela..

Cecelia Grant-Peters



Thank you Cecelia for taking the time to write such a lovely and thoughtful comment, we happen to agree with you and we will make sure that Angela knows.


Lala Woods

Cecelia what a lovely comment on my article, I very much appreciate it. I’m so glad you are here in spirit, and very welcome you are too. I hope I can share many more anecdotes from my village with you and everyone else who reads them. Besos



The Mayor Miguel Olivera Ramirez twitter account @AltamonteMayor is following our magazine, @TheGlowGlow. Welcome aboard Señor.

Mayor of Altamonte Village, Spain. #Altamonte in #Andalucia, village of #miracles. Famous for #santamaria and The #Miracle of The Blood of The Saint


Lala Woods

Buenos días Señor Alcalde Miguel Olivera Ramirez. Espero que hayan disfrutado mi pequeña historia del milagro del Ángel de Ayora



A lovely article Angela, I believe in Angels too. Maybe we should ask him to rain a little in our village.Kisses.


Lala Woods

Thank you Bea for your comment. You are familiar with the fiesta so I’m really pleased you enjoyed the story. Yes, I think we should ask the Angel for a little rain, but not until after this weekend please. Not on the first Spanish car boot sale or on Rafa’s Hard Rock gig!


Jill Lake

Well I’m not an angel person Lala but I did love your article. And the pic of the dear little church. You write so delightfully! I also like your description of yourself as a “survivor”. I’m beginning to feel that more and more as I get older! As for praying to your village angel to win the lottery, I fear I can still hear the voice of Mother Teresina, at Loreto Mombasa, telling nasty little materialistic teenagers like myself that if we MUST pray for ourselves (rather than others) it should only be for grace, not for gain!!!! I think this may have been after overhearing me pray for one of those stiff net petticoats we all wore back in the late 50s/early 60s (before mini-skirts)!. Oh and by the way, Tamborine Mountain is very big on angels – it’s that kind of New Age community! Or part of it is. We even have an “angel essence” house! And a shop selling all sorts of angel stuff. Of course, with your name, you’d have an affinity with angels!


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