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Create, Customize, Kill; Loadout Under Fire

by Benjy Gow

Loadout is a new free-to-play, third-person shooter published by Edge of Reality, whose motto is Create, Customize, Kill. And that’s pretty much what you’re going to do in the game.

Loadout allows you to create and customise (we’re English so we use an ‘s’) your weapon in a ‘gajillion’ different ways, in fact it is mainly about customisation. They made a game that you’re able to create your own weapons, you can modify an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, a shotgun etc. You can change your trigger, your ammo type, how your ammo explodes, you can add remote control to your rockets, beam fire, apply decals and paint jobs and many, many other customisations to your weapons. You most probably won’t find two weapons that are the same.

loadout 5

You want a rocket launcher that can shoot arrows that kill the enemy with electricity? In Loadout you can have it.

You are also able to customise your characters as well. At the beginning of the game you’re able to choose from 2 characters that are not different from each other except in appearance, but that you can change with ridiculously awesome outfits and new gear.

On the graphics and sound side Loadout decided to stay with a cartoony design and the maps are relatively simple and straightforward. It combines highly stylised graphics with over-the-top and diverse weapon combinations. The textures and fluid movements look pretty nice even though they opted for the cartoony style (think Team Fortress 2) and they made it accessible to low-budget gamers as well.

loadout 2Worth mentioning – The music style from the game is bad ass, head-banging rock that keeps your trigger finger pumping.

Loadout is a different shooter to others when it comes to gameplay, the fast-paced action works really well – again the customisation is amazing. Loadout contains many game modes and the success of each one is in the ‘load-out’ you choose. The game modes are Capture the Flag, Capture Control Point, Deatmatch, Free for All and Extraction.

Loadout is a surprisingly nice M.M.O. shooter (Massive Multiplayer Online) and it reminds me of Team Fortress 2, because of the cartoony graphic. It is different from others because you customise your main weapon, unlike other games where you just buy a new type of weapon, a new class or just do little upgrades. This is the first time a game introduces this concept and by goodness it works.

loadout 1

The maps are simple, easy to get to wherever you want around it in no time. It is easy to follow your objective with many dodging possibilities and getaways. Throughout the game you gain money, Spacebux, and experience, which you use to create and buy new weapons and new outfits for your character.

This is a new type of third person shooter that has a fluid and addictive combat style, and it has a fast-paced action that is fuelled by the customisation of weapons.

Although, currently, character customization requires in-game purchases, and you will never be able to save enough money to buy outfits so you will end up purchasing them through Steam transactions.

The biggest plus is the weapon customisation factor. Overall, I believe this game deserves 7/10. A score that I’m pretty sure will improve when the producers fix the bugs and look for innovative solutions for the customisation system, and this will get more players to join the fun.

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