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A Winning British and American Short Film Dream Team

by Melanie Gow

With The Directors Bureau, Intel and W Hotels

Adam Blampied is British, an ex-LAMDA student, and writer and performer for Beta Males Comedy who won the chance to have his 10 minute script turned into a short film with director, writer and producer Roman Coppola’s production company The Directors Bureau.

A script he wrote in about five days before the deadline closed.

Launched by Intel and W Hotels, with Vice Media, Coppola produced and curated a film shorts competition called Four Stories, ten-minute long films set in a W Hotel and featuring an Intel Ultrabook as a key character in the script.

Adam Blampied’s little gem, Eugene, is directed by Spencer Susser who was nominated  for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Festival, and went on to win Best First Time Director at Philidelphia Film Festival that same year, with Hesher, a film about a young boy who has lost his mother and is losing touch with his father and the world around him. Then he meets Hesher who manages to make his life even more chaotic.

I can see why Susser chose Eugene to direct, at its core it is about the lack of control you have over the world around you even if you are handed the joystick. Eugene took my eye because it was quietly intriguing, unpredictable even and it crept up and hit my funny bone very hard. It has the added bonus of making the setting a natural part of the story and, like a good sex scene, the Intel laptop is integral to the plot.

There is a joyous, unobvious sense of humor in Adam Blampied‘s script, a touch of Judd Apatow edgy humour, with a little Choen brother chaos, successfully manifested in an innocent, awkward, white, male way.

Channeling a little Seth Rogen, Eugene is beautifully played by Michael Govier as the quiet guy, who falls for a girl out of his league and finds his night takes a odd turn when a laptop is delivered to his room that grants him anything he wishes. At its core Eugene has the best of British humour and American contemporary cinematic grammer, that makes it both assured and fresh at the same time.

Find more @ The Directors Bureau

Originally entrants were challenged to upload their original screenplays to for their chance to see their idea brought to life on the big screen.

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