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A Quantum Mechanical Reality of Existence by a Matrix of Observation.

by Melanie Gow

We are being watched – we are watching ..

What I love about this scene is that each person – both in the picture and you and I looking at the picture – is observing, watching. What struck me is the amount of ways this is happening in this one small digital square.

All three men in the scene are watching something different. I am watching them.

If you look there is the CCTV camera, which shows others are observing this scene, now and at any time in the future from a recording of it.

Now there is us, you and me, here looking at the picture of me watching the men, each watching something else, being watched on CCTV.

Then this picture itself is seen across multiple platforms, posted on different social networks, on different devices, in different time zones and geographies all at the same time, simultaneously around the globe.

And then there are those who will see it at another time when their morning dawns and they log on, and other times again when it is shared.

And then maybe it will be seen all over again, in the future, even when we may be all just a memory ..

The trails of watching and observing overlap and intertwine, the observed and the observer being observed.

Watched by yet others and so on, repeated in a thousand scenes like this, over and over in a city, in cities and towns and villages, in different times, at different times in different ways.

Creating a Quantum Mechanical reality of existence by a matrix of observation.

All in one little 450 x 450 square.


The picture was taken whilst waiting for Secret Cinema’s Brave New Venture

It was first shown on Instagram, and shared to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr

It was published in a review of the Event here

Melanie Gow is editor at Glow Magazine, an online journalist, mobile photographer and iArtist, producer and cultural events organiser.

She is currently working with her iPhone on ”Merry Lives of Windsor”, a black and white episodic encounter with people who live in Windsor, UK, over a year.

She is on Instagram as @Princesss_MeLeia and on Twitter: @melgow

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